The non-profit organisation PRO MUSICA PULCHRA arises from the enthusiasm of three music-lovers to propose high-quality concerts, by promising artists, to a wide public in significant places accessible to all.

In addition, we organise conferences, expositions, colloquia, voyages…


History teacher, Jacques Declerck has always shown a very important interest in the life of great composers. His love of cinema and music made him love "Amadeus" and "Farinelli".

Now he has become president of the npo, but still is a volunteer for the other activities he practices. He is the one who will welcome you during the concerts organized by Pro Musica Pulchra as part of its festival Elzenveldkapel in Antwerp.


Tigran D. Maytesian, Artistic Director

Born November 10th 1970 in Sevan, Armenia, Tigran Maytesian started the violin at 5 years of age and followed a classical formation. Since 2008 he has been professor of violin and chamber music at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven, Belgium. In 2011 he joined the Faculty of Medecine at Leuven University in the laboratory of neuro- and psychophysiology. He participates actively in the scientific research of Professor Marc Van Hulle on the project “Mind Speller”. Professor Maytesian has successfully promoted this project in universities in Belarus, Armenia and in Moscow.

In 2011 he founded the “Mind Speller chamber orchestra" and is violin conductor; this orchestra is connected with the eponymous scientific project.

Mr Maytesian plays an 18th-century Amati violin and on a Guarneri del Gesù.
(complete biography here)


 Chantal Matthys has been surrounded by music for her whole life. Although she plays no instrument, she has a vast knowledge and appreciation of classical music repertoire, with a pianist mother and music-loving father, she was exposed to it at an early age. For part of her career she was associated with a company producing classical CDs. She now invests her energy and conviction in the launching of this association’s activities.

Jan Van Mol (through Calcant vzw) is our programme counselor for organ concerts. 

The Association is also benefiting of the expertise of Berten D’Hollander and Julius Stenzel

Claire, Benoît, Rafael, Jessica, Danièle, Bob, Jacques, Yolande offer their help in our activities.

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Bank account in the name of Pro Musica Pulchra, number BE39 7340 4159 4619.